The Wall is centrally located with respect to several places all interesting to visit and offers the advantage of the serenity of the countryside near the sea.

The sea, clean and quiet, offers beaches with fine golden sand where you can take long and relaxing walks, collect shells and admire sunsets that are always different and fascinating.The ancient name of the village was Mazzarelli, which derives from the Arabic Marsa A’Rillah, meaning small landing. At the end of the sixteenth century, next to the old port, the Cabrera Tower was built for defensive purposes. Within a few decades a residential nucleus was formed which, however, due to its position, in a marshy area near the mouth of the river Irminio, reclaimed only in the eighteenth century, did not see a significant demographic and economic development.

Mazzarelli began to prosper only in the nineteenth century, when the trade of pitch stone, in particular with English merchants, and carob trees flourished.

In 1928, by the will of the fascist hierarch Filippo Pennavaria, the name was transformed into the current Marina di Ragusa. After the war Marina di Ragusa experienced a housing boom, due to the construction of a large number of second homes by the sea by Ragusa and the inhabitants of neighboring municipalities.


-fonte wikipedia