Founded around 581 BC, Agrigento is located in an area where the various peoples who left traces on the island settled. Already home to indigenous peoples who maintained trade relations with Aegean and Mycenaean, the territory of Agrigento saw the rise of the polis of Akragas (Ἀκράγας), founded by jealous of rhodium-Cretan origin.It reached its peak in the fifth century BC, before the decline initiated by the war with Carthage. During the Punic Wars it was conquered by the Romans, who Latinized the name in Agrigentum.Later it fell under Arab rule, with the name of Kerkent, and in 1089 it was conquered by the Normans, who renamed it Girgenti, a name it kept until 1927 when it was renamed with the current toponym.

Until 1853 its territory also included today’s municipality of Porto Empedocle.

It is known as the City of Temples for its expanse of Doric temples of the ancient Greek city located in the so-called Valley of the Temples, inserted, in 1997, among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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